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Tips for selling your USED gear faster on -
  1. Please post at least 3 pictures of the product / gear preferably showing 3 views / angles.
  2. You should mention as much as you can about the product - it’s usage / condition / accessories included for the buyer to have a clear understanding of your offer.
  3. Please mention some words - how do you propose to deliver the product if bought by the buyer in same and/or a different location.
  4. While quoting the age and selecting the suitable Sticker – What are Stickers for an appropriate selection. Stickers are referred to by a buyer while selecting a gear required by them.
  5. While quoting a price - please mention / mark the tag - negotiable or not. A fixed price is also preferred by some buyers while most of the potential buyers would like to negotiate directly with you while completing the transaction.
  6. Please keep visiting Camveu to read your messages from potential buyers. The faster your respond, quicker are the chances to sell your product.
  7. Please note, your FREE AD will be posted after approval for a period of 45 days. After which you will be prompted to either delete or Refresh the Ad again. It is recommended to delete the AD for products already sold and Refresh the AD for products still available to sell.
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