How to Post an Ad to Sell your Gear?

Welcome to Camveu, start by clicking on ‘Sell Used Gear’ tab on the Home Page menu. Login with your user ID (which is your registered Email ID) and password. You may register yourself on the same page by clicking ‘Register New User’ if not already registered. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the login process. Start posting your Ad by Clicking ADD New Product on left panel.

Do I have to pay for posting these Ads?

Posting an ad is absolutely Free of Charge for Selling Used gear on However, some listings at some premium positions on our page may be chargeable as per our prevailing policy and discretion.

How many Ads for my products can I post?

You can post one ad for one particular product. However, Ads for any number of products can be posted and there is no restriction on the number of Ads posted by an individual under SELL USED GEAR section.

When my posted Ad will be visible/published on

Camveu team must review each Ad posted prior to its publishing on pages. This process may take from 24 to 48 hours from the time this is submitted by any individual. A confirmation message is sent to the registered Email Id when the Ad is visible / published.

How long my Ad will be visible?

We allow an ad to be visible for a period of 60days from the date of posting unless it is deleted / refreshed by the individual.

What I need to post an Ad on my Camveu Camera Store?

In order to make an effective Ad for selling your gear quickly, you will need –
i) To start posting your ad by entering an “AD Title”. This will be published just under the Product Picture. It is therefore advised to make a short but easy to understand Ad title. For example: “Canon 5D MKII Kit”; “Manfrotto Ball Head” etc.
ii) Select a Category from the category tab. It is very important to select the right / most appropriate Category in the first place. Wrongly selected category ads will not be posted on the page. We suggest to post a fresh ad if category is not selected properly for any submitted ads.
iii) Follow on Screen Instructions for filling in details of the product like Brand, Age etc.
iv) You will need at least one picture of the product with resolution 500 pixels on each side. The Picture can be edited / cropped using the tool while posting.
v) Read Terms of use and posting before clicking on Submit to post your ad.

What are Stickers for Condition of the Product?

These are used for describing the CONDITION OF THE PRODUCT posted by an individual under the Sell used gear section. There are total of five stickers to choose from based on the condition of the product. This is recommended to read about all the Stickers before selecting the one appropriate for your product. Selecting any particular sticker doesn’t guarantee a quicker response to the ad / sale of the product.

It is important to truthfully select the right Sticker for describing the Condition of your Product. You may select any of available Stickers based on the brief description against each. A detailed explanation of each Sticker is mentioned at ‘What are Stickers’ and should be referred to before posting an ad.

What do I mention in AD DESCRIPTION?

An Ad description is important to let the potential buyers understand your product. You may post few lines to communicate with the potential buyers using this space.
This space cannot be left blank and please spare some minutes to fill in your message / description, how will you deliver this product if purchased etc.
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