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AF18-200mm F 3.5-6.3 DiIII VC for Sony NEX (E-MOUNT ONLY) (Post Date : 24/08/2015)
Dinesh Goel

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Price : Rs 52,500.00 Model Name : 18-200mm

Post Date : 24/08/2015
Views : 1064
  • Sensor : APS-C
  • F Number : F3.5-6.3
  • Specs (AF/MF etc.) : Di III Sony E Mount
Product Description :

The 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di-II blends optical performance, convenience and versatility in the world's lightest, most compact 11.1x zoom for digital SLR cameras. Precision optics and a collection of Tamron technologies work in concert to deliver outstanding image clarity, and the freedom of wide-angle-to telephoto shooting with just one lens. Fewer lens changes means your DSLR's image sensor is exposed to picture-degrading dust less often, safeguarding consistent image quality. Streetscapes and confined interiors come to life at 18mm. Far away subjects are reined in easily at 200mm, which is made even more powerful by the inherent crop factor of APS-C-sensor DSLRs—a benefit that causes magnification equivalent to a 310mm lens on a full frame (36mm x 24mm) digital or 35mm film SLR. Of course, every focal length in between offers the continuous framing control to apply personal preference to every shot.

Lens Construction (Groups/Elements)


Angle of View


Diaphragm Blade Number


Minimum Aperture


Minimum Focus Distance


Macro Magnification Ratio

1:3.7 (at f=200mm MFD 0.45m)

Filter Diameter



398g (14oz)

Diameter x Length

ø2.9 x 3.3in.
(ø73.8 x 83.7mm)


Flower-shaped Lens hood


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