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Nikon 24mm/F2.8 AI-S Lens (Post Date : 17/03/2016)
Sandeep Sinha

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Price : Rs 24,500.00 Model Name : 24mm/F2.8 AI-S

Post Date : 17/03/2016
Condition :
Like New
 > No scratch or damage
> Slight marks of usage
> Fully functional
> Complete with box and warranty documents
This product has been used with Slight marks of usage but no damage or adverse effect on its performance due to normal usage. It includes a valid proof of purchase with all warranty documents. Fully Functional and complete with standard accessories. The warranty may or may not be transferrable based on manufacturer’s policy.

Age : 2-3 Years

Negotiable : Yes

Addons : with front and rear lens cap

Ads Description : It's sharp, compact and very well made. As most Nikon AI-s lenses of its era it is a masterpiece of mechanical construction. Back in the 1980s, it was the lens with which Galen Rowell made many of his most iconic images. Why> Because it's small and sharp. Galen rprefered this to the faster 24mm f/2 because Galen felt that the f/2 version had more flare. t has close-range correction (CRC) and has the usual Nikon barrel distortion. It focuses to one foot or 0.3m. It has a seven-bladed diaphragm stopping down to f/22. It has nine elements in nine groups. Filter thread is 52mm. It is 2.2" (57mm) long by 2.5" (63mm) around and weighs 9 oz. (250g). It has the usual Nikon wide-angle performance: great performance all over when stopped down and great in the center at all apertures. It has the usual light falloff and fuzziness due to coma in the corners at full aperture that improves a stop or two down. Once stopped down a couple of stops it's great.
Other Features
  • Sensor : 24mm
  • F Number : 2.8
  • Specs (AF/MF etc.) : MF
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